Q1 2024

  • Audience Explorer with real time data while adding conditions: Audience Explorer offers dynamic updates as conditions are added, including metrics like customer count, revenue, and conversion rates. Instant insights into audience size and characteristics empower precision targeting. Easily refine audience criteria with real-time feedback for optimized targeting. Make data-driven decisions on-the-fly for more effective targeting strategies. Explore audiences like never before with the Audience Explorer feature.

  • Contact Lists: Enable the import of contacts with their emails or IDs to create static audiences. These lists are now available for selection in the broadcasts module and for the creation of more advanced audiences and personalized targeting. Seamlessly manage your contacts and enhance your targeting capabilities with this feature.

  • Custom Recommendations strategies: Empower yourself with the ability to create new recommendation strategies by combining various existing ones. For example, allocate 5 slots for best-selling products, the next 5 slots for related items, and the remainder for high-converting products. This customization offers a more tailored and strategic approach to recommendations, ensuring alignment with individual business strategies and objectives. The implementation of custom recommendation strategies enhances flexibility and control, allowing users to optimize product recommendations for maximum impact.

  • Elegibility and goals in journeys: The Eligibility feature allows users to determine if a journey can be executed multiple times per customer or only once. Configured as "one per customer," entering a new journey automatically discards the previous one, offering flexibility in journey management. Goals represent desired outcomes like increasing conversion rates or improving customer satisfaction. These features bring enhanced control and direction to journey management on Go Personal Platform!

  • Go Loyalty Addon: Our new Loyalty Addon empowers businesses to create and manage loyalty programs seamlessly. Designed to boost customer retention and elevate user experience, this addon ensures the development of effective, relevant, engaging, and state-of-the-art loyalty programs. The Go Loyalty Addon demonstrates our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that drive long-term customer growth and retention. With its super extensible design, this addon can adapt to the unique needs of any business, ensuring flexibility and scalability. Check more about this amazing addon here.

  • Live Shopping Analytics improvements: This update involves refining the user interface and experience to provide a more intuitive and insightful analytics platform for live shopping sessions. We've optimized data visualization, simplified navigation, and enhanced accessibility to key metrics and insights.

    With these improvements, users can easily interpret data on viewer engagement, product performance, conversion rates, and other relevant metrics in real-time.

  • Filters in lists: We improved the discovery in list views with filters involves enhancing the admin user experience.

  • Vtex app and Woocommerce plugin: We created a brand new Vtex app and a Woocommerce plugin to streamlines integration with these ecommerce platform. This release marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for ecommerce personalization unlocking a world of possibilities for personalized customer experiences.

  • Go Personal Shopper Q&A Addon: And finally, we're thrilled to announce our latest addon: AI-powered assistants for revolutionizing the purchasing process! 🛍️✨ These assistants leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide personalized recommendations, answer product-related questions, offer styling advice, and streamline the overall shopping experience for customers.

    Check out the video below to see our AI-powered assistant in action!

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