Q4 2023

  • Text generated suggestions using AI for different channels: In this release, we're thrilled to introduce AI-generated text suggestions. Now, by selecting the language and providing a brief use case explanation, users can access several contextually improved text suggestions tailored for the channel.

  • App Push Notifications channel: We're excited to announce the incorporation of App Push Notification integration. Users now have the capability to seamlessly utilize this feature within user journeys or for broadcast-type communications. With this feature, users can effortlessly integrate push notifications into both personalized user journeys and broader broadcast campaigns, maximizing engagement.

  • Broadcast Feature: We're thrilled to introduce the Broadcast Feature in this release, a powerful addition that empowers users to send personalized and targeted messages seamlessly across channels like email, SMS, and app push. This functionality enables users to craft custom messages and deliver them either to all clients or select a pre-defined audience. The versatility of the Broadcast Feature supports effective communication strategies, allowing for tailored outreach to specific groups or a broader audience. Whether it's a mass communication effort or a targeted campaign, users can leverage this functionality to enhance engagement through diverse channels. For more information on utilizing the Broadcast Feature, please refer to here.

  • Dashboard real time metrics: This enhancement provides executives with an instant overview of the platform's current status, including the number of active experiences, ongoing A/B tests, executing journeys, sessions, and personalized sessions.

    This addition delivers a dynamic and up-to-the-minute snapshot of the platform's performance, empowering executives to make informed decisions in real-time.

  • Recommendations Analytics in Dashboard: We're introducing Recommendations Analytics directly on the dashboard, offering insights into direct and assisted revenue, the quantity of recommendations provided, click-through rates (CTR), and conversion rates (CR). This feature empowers executives with real-time insights, allowing them to assess the effectiveness of recommendations at a glance. By displaying key metrics such as revenue impact and user engagement, the dashboard enables executives to make informed decisions on the success of recommendation strategies.

  • Personalizations Analytics: We're introducing Personalizations Analytics, offering detailed insights into the performance of personalizations. This dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the tool's functionality, empowering users with valuable insights to gauge the effectiveness of personalization strategies. This dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of key metrics, from personalized sessions, goal conversions, and revenue overview to how these metrics behave in time. Additionally, users can filter by the type of personalization, goals, the page where it is implemented, and more.

  • Recommendations Analytics: We've implemented Recommendations Analytics, featuring key metrics such as total impressions, sessions that received recommendations, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate (CR), and associated revenue. Additionally, we provide insights into the temporal flow of these values over time.

    This comprehensive analytics feature enables users to track the performance and impact of recommendations, offering valuable information on user engagement and conversion dynamics. The detailed historical data helps users understand trends and patterns, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic optimization of recommendation strategies within the platform.

  • Usage Analytics: A crucial addition for real-time insights into the platform's utilization. This feature provides valuable information on total sessions and their distribution over time. Users can also monitor the percentage of the total contracted capacity consumed each month, enhancing transparency.

  • Versioning A/B testing variants: In this release, we're introducing the versioning of the variants providing efficient change tracking and a clear evolution history for streamlined customization management. You can see the date and user that changed the variant and you can also rollback to a previous version.

  • Show A/B testing results: You can now access real-time A/B Testing Results for each experience, providing a dynamic snapshot of impressions, conversions, conversion rates, and the ongoing probability of a variant being the winner. If a champion has already emerged, the platform distinctly highlights the victorious variant.

    This real-time reporting ensures a transparent and comprehensive understanding of variant performance, empowering users with the latest insights for quick decision-making and optimization. Monitor and grasp the effectiveness of each variant within an A/B test effortlessly.

  • Complete the look recommendation strategy: Thrilling announcement in this release! We've introduced a remarkable recommendation strategy known as "Complete the Look." This strategy is now seamlessly integrated into our available lineup, aiming to redefine the user experience.

    The "Complete the Look" strategy enhances user engagement by suggesting products that complement or complete a customer's selected item. It goes further by recommending additional items that seamlessly harmonize with the user's preferences or current selection.

    This addition introduces a new layer of personalization, encouraging users to explore and discover relevant products effortlessly.

  • Improve conditions UI/UX in Audience and targeting: We've enhanced the UI/UX for conditions in Audience and targeting, aiming to streamline the creation process and make it more user-friendly and intuitive.

    This improvement simplifies the condition-setting experience, allowing users to effortlessly define criteria and parameters. The updated interface ensures smoother navigation, reducing complexity, and enhancing overall usability.

  • Set up feed integration with frequency: We're introducing an enhanced capability for users to effortlessly configure the synchronization of product catalogs, customer data, and interactions via CSV. This setup allows users to specify the frequency of synchronization, providing flexibility to adapt to their unique needs. With a user-friendly interface, adjusting synchronization settings becomes seamless, ensuring that product catalogs, customer data, and interactions remain up-to-date.

  • Custom interactions in Audience, targeting and Journeys: This addition significantly enhances the product's adaptability across various industries. Custom interactions can be seamlessly integrated into the platform, allowing users to create audiences based on specific interaction types. This feature expands the product's utility, making it adaptable to a range of industry-specific scenarios. Users can now craft targeted experiences based on unique interaction types, enhancing their ability to deliver personalized and impactful content.

  • Copy personalization between projects: This feature is designed to facilitate environment management and streamline the sharing of personalizations and audiences across projects.

    It simplifies the process of sharing and replicating personalizations, contributing to a more streamlined and effective workflow.

  • Live shopping conditions in Audiences: We are excited to announce an enhancement to our platform with the introduction of conditions tailored for Live Shopping events within audiences. As part of a comprehensive solution, these conditions consider various aspects of Live Shopping events in which the client has participated. Conditions now include filtering based on invitations, event hosts, dates, final status, and more.

    This addition aims to provide a more robust and tailored experience for customers, enabling efficient management and analysis of their engagement with Live Shopping events within the platform.

  • Send Weekly stats email to admins: Automatic delivery of a comprehensive weekly statistics email to administrators. This email provides in-depth insights into the performance of customizations, recommendations, and other key functionalities.

  • Goals in Personalizations and Broadcasts: We've introduced goal-setting functionality in both Personalizations and Broadcasts. Now, users can assign objectives with a specified conversion timeframe, considering an interaction a conversion if the customer completes it within the defined time frame.

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