Broadcasts provides a key functionality for sending personalized messages to different customer segments through various channels such as email, SMS, push notifications, and WhatsApp.

Some use cases:

  1. Exclusive Offers by Segment:

    • Use: Employ Broadcasts to send exclusive offers to specific customer segments. For instance, provide personalized discounts to users who have made recent purchases or shown interest in specific categories.

  2. Abandoned Cart Reminders:

    • Use: Set up Broadcasts to send reminders to users who have abandoned products in their shopping cart. Personalize the message with details of the abandoned items to encourage completion of the purchase.

  3. Notifications of New Products or Features:

    • Use: Inform your users about new products, features, or relevant updates using Broadcasts. Segment based on purchase history or preferences to make the information more pertinent to each group.

  4. Personalized Birthday Campaigns:

    • Use: Celebrate your customers' birthdays with personalized messages through Broadcasts. Offer special discounts, gifts, or exclusive promotions to create a unique experience and strengthen customer loyalty.

  5. Surveys and Customer Feedback:

    • Use: Utilize Broadcasts to send satisfaction surveys or request specific feedback on products or services. Customize questions based on each user's interaction history to gather valuable insights.

  6. Announcements of Special Events or Flash Sales:

    • Use: Build anticipation and boost engagement by announcing special events or flash sales through Broadcasts. Segment based on geolocation, product preferences, or past event participation to target the right audience.

  7. Renewal or Upgrade Reminders:

    • Use: Configure Broadcasts to send personalized reminders to customers with subscriptions or products requiring renewal or upgrade. Offer special incentives to motivate renewal.

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