Interactions are events your customer does in your web, app or any channel. They play a pivotal role in capturing and understanding user engagement within the system. By default, the system comes equipped with a set of these interactions, providing a foundation for monitoring and optimizing user journeys.

  • View item: When the customer view the product's detail.

  • Add to cart: When the customer adds a product to the cart.

  • Add to favorite: When the customer adds a product the the favorites list.

  • Purchase: When the customer purchases a product.

Custom Interactions

Custom interactions enhance the product's adaptability across various industries. This functionality allows you to tailor interactions for specific purposes, making the product versatile and customizable. Examples of use cases include custom interactions for loan applications or credit card requests. Subsequently, these interactions can be leveraged to create audiences, such as customers who applied for a loan in the last two months. This feature expands the product's utility, making it adaptable to a range of industry-specific scenarios.

By clicking on the 'New Custom Interaction' button, you can create a new interaction by entering its name, ID, and parameters. Parameters are properties of the interaction. For each parameter, you need to enter the id and type, which can be text, number, date, yes or no, or an item.

Once created the custom interaction you can create conditions in Audiences and Targeting using it.

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