Wait for customer property change

The "Wait for Customer Property Change" component provides a dynamic approach to user journeys, enabling you to wait for specific customer properties to change before proceeding to the next step. This feature proves invaluable when you want to engage customers at precisely the right moment, ensuring that your interactions align with their evolving preferences and behaviors.

For instance, you can wait until a customer's segment changes, their age is updated, or their email address is modified, ensuring that your communication is always current and relevant.

The flexibility of this component allows you to wait for any change in specified customer properties or wait for specific values to be reached.

Utilize standard system properties such as Name, Email, Phone, and others, or incorporate custom properties created in the Customers section. These properties can be sourced from external systems like CRM or ERP, enabling seamless integration and real-time updates.

By leveraging the "Wait for Customer Property Change" component, you can engage customers precisely when their profile information evolves, fostering a sense of timeliness and relevance in your interactions. This real-time approach ensures that your communication remains personalized and responsive, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.

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