Wait for interaction

The Wait for Interaction component empowers you to create highly responsive and personalized user journeys by waiting for specific customer interactions.

Pause the journey until a customer performs specific actions, such as viewing a product, adding an item to favorites, or making a purchase. This real-time responsiveness allows you to engage customers precisely when their intent is high, increasing the likelihood of successful interactions.

You can also further refine the waiting period by filtering interactions based on product properties. For example, you can wait for a customer to view any product within a specific price range or from a particular category. This granularity ensures that your engagements are not only timely but also tailored to specific product attributes, enhancing relevancy and impact.

The component allows you to set multiple conditions, waiting until at least one of these conditions is met. For instance, you can wait for a customer to either add a high-value item to the cart or view multiple products within a specific category. This flexibility ensures that the journey progresses as soon as any significant customer interaction occurs.

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