In Go Shops Platform, the "Trigger" component is a vital element that defines what initiates a User Journey. This pivotal aspect allows you to specify the conditions that launch a journey, ensuring it activates precisely when needed. When configuring the Trigger component, you gain control over the user interactions that kickstart the journey, leading to highly personalized and engaging customer experiences.

Configuring Triggers:

Within the Workflow Editor, you can access the Trigger component to configure the initiation point of your User Journey. Here, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of triggers, each tailored to specific user interactions. Some of the available trigger options include:

  • Product Interactions:

    • View Product Details

    • Add to Favorites

    • Complete Purchase

  • Session Events:

    • Events within the current session

  • Dynamic Dates:

    • Special dates such as birthdays

  • And More:

    • Additional options designed to enhance customization, with more features continually being added.

By selecting the appropriate trigger, you can tailor the User Journey to respond to specific user behaviors. For instance, initiating a journey when a user adds a product to their favorites can lead to personalized recommendations, creating a seamless and engaging shopping experience. Similarly, triggering a journey based on dynamic dates like birthdays allows you to deliver special offers, making customers feel valued and appreciated.

Stay tuned, as Go Shops Platform continues to evolve. New trigger options and features are constantly being developed, providing you with even more possibilities to create unique and compelling User Journeys.

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