Personalizations are structured as experiences. Each experience includes a specific customer target and various A/B testing variants with content. For example, you can create an experience on the homepage for customers belonging to a specific audience and another experience for customers who made a purchase within the last hour.

There are different types of personalizations:

Web Content: Customize your website with banners, images, videos, and other components. You can create content from scratch or utilize our templates.

Recommendations: Easily add recommendations to your website, including strategies such as similar products, frequently bought together items, and more.

Feedback: Collect feedback to understand your customers' opinions about your brand and their website experience.

Pop-ups: Display personalized pop-ups to your website visitors, showcasing promotions, special offers, or important messages prominently.

Notifications: Enhance interaction on your website with personalized web notifications, keeping visitors informed and engaged with relevant and compelling messages.

Custom Code: Tailor your website extensively by adding custom code, allowing for highly customized experiences tailored to your specific needs.

API: Deliver hyper-personalized experiences across all your channels through APIs, ensuring seamless and personalized interactions with your audience.

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