Notifications personalization

To create a new personalization with type notifications, click on the "New Personalization" button and select "Notifications".

Next, you'll need to provide some required details, such as the name, ID, the trigger, the frequency and the type of page it's intended for:age it's intended for:

Required Details:

  • Name: Assign a descriptive name to easily identify your personalization.

  • ID: Provide a unique identifier for the personalization.

  • Page Type: Select the type of page for which the personalization is designed: Product Detail, Cart, Category, Home, Products Listing, or any specific page. If you're unsure, you can also set it up for any page.

  • Triggers:

    • On Page Load: The notification appears immediately when the page is loaded.

    • After Certain Time: The pnotification shows up after a specified duration of time after the page loads.

    • After Interaction: The notification displays after a user interacts with certain elements on the page.

    • On Exit Intent: The notification triggers when the system detects the user's intention to leave the page.

    • On Click/Mouse Over: The notification appears when the customer clicks or hovers over a designated element.

  • Frequency:

    • Once Per Page: The notification appears only once per page load.

    • Once Per Session: The notification displays once during the user's entire session on the website.

    • Once Per Day: The notification shows up once every 24 hours for the same visitor.

    • Once Per Week: The notification appears once every 7 days for the same visitor.

    • Once Per Month: The notification triggers once every 30 days for the same visitor.

    • Only Once: The notification displays only one time to each visitor, regardless of the time frame.

  • Goal: The goal for this personalization. Check out more about goals here.

Once set up, you can start creating experiences for this personalization. Press the "New Experience" button.

In this section, you can duplicate an existing experience, modify it, or delete it.

The order of experiences is crucial. If a customer qualifies for more than one experience, the order configured determines priority. You can adjust the order using drag & drop functionality.

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