Projects allow you to group products, orders, customers, and customer interactions with products. Additionally, projects offer the capability to create, audiences, personalizations, user journeys, and much more, all within specific environments.

So, when should you create a new project?

  1. For Environment Management: Create a separate project for staging and another for production. This enables you to develop and test customizations safely in a staging environment before deploying them to the live production environment. The separation of environments ensures that the shopping experiences are optimal before they are officially launched.

  2. When You Have Multiple Product Sets: If you have various sets of products available for customer interaction, consider creating an individual project for each set. This allows you to personalize the shopping experiences for each product group specifically, ensuring that recommendations and promotions are relevant and coherent to each product set.

You can switch between projects in the top bar, and creating a new project is just a click away. By clicking the "New Project" button and entering a name, you can create a new project.

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