In the Go Personal platform, you have the power to create audiences based on customer behavior, demographic data, affinities, product interactions, and much more. Upon entering the platform, you'll find the audiences created for the selected project. Each audience is accompanied by valuable metrics, providing insights into its composition and impact:

  • Audience Metrics:

    • Audience Size: Displays the number of customers included in the audience.

    • Total Revenue Generated: Shows the overall revenue generated by the audience.

    • Revenue per Customer: Indicates the average revenue generated per customer within the audience.

    • Conversion Rate: Reflects the percentage of customers within the audience who made a purchase.

    • Average Order Value (AOV): Represents the average value of orders placed by customers within the audience.

This detailed audience analytics not only allows you to understand the composition of your customer segments but also provides actionable insights into their purchasing behavior. It's the key to creating highly targeted and effective marketing strategies, ensuring that your personalizations resonate with the right audience, driving engagement, and maximizing revenue.

You also have the capability to copy an audience to another project. This functionality streamlines the process of replicating audiences across different projects.

After completing the copy you can modify the

Creating a new audience in Go Personal is a straightforward process. By clicking the "New Audience" button, you initiate the creation process. To create a new audience, you need to provide a name, a brief description, and specify a timeframe for validation, ranging from 30, 60, to 90 days in the past.

Once these fields are completed, you can start adding various rules that will define the criteria for this audience.

You have the ability to add rules based on:

And many more rules are coming to cater to your needs. If you require a rule that is not yet available, feel free to reach out to us at

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