Predictive Rules

  • Affinity:

    Customer affinity with specific product properties such as color, size, category, or brand. For example, customers whose highest affinity is with the color red.

  • Likehood to purchase: Probability or likelihood that a customer will make a purchase considering their behavior. The options are Normal, High or Low.

  • Customer Lifecycle status: Current stage or status of a customer within the customer lifecycle. The options for this status Active, Inactive and Churn.

    1. Active: Customers who are currently engaged, making regular purchases, and actively participating with the brand.

    2. Inactive: Customers who were once active but have not engaged with the brand recently. They may not have made a purchase or interacted with the platform within a specified timeframe.

    3. Churn: Customers who have disengaged entirely and are considered lost or churned. These customers have ceased their relationship with the brand, and efforts may be needed to re-engage them.

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