You can set up the integration with VTEX following these steps:

Step 1: Create the VTEX integration in gopersonal platform. Check the Integrations section in order to create a new integration. You will need the URL, App Key and App Token.

Also, you can configure the synchronization times for products and customers.

Step 2: Create the gopersonal Auth SDK integration. Also in the Integrations section create a new integration for gopersonal Auth Web. Complete the domain with your ecommerce domain.

Step 3: Install the gopersonal VTEX app Step 4: Add your clientId in the VTEX app configurations You can get your clientId in the integration panel once created.

In your VTEX admin in the App Management section go to gopersonal App.

Open the app settings, paste the clientId and click save.

Step 5: Setup in the checkout page

Open your admin in the Checkout section in the checkout6-custom.js:


Add the following snippet in the file and replace "REPLACE_ME_CLIENT_ID" with your clientId:

async function initializeGSSDK() {
    window.gsSDK = await new window.GSSDK.default('REPLACE_ME_CLIENT_ID', {
        provider: 'Vtex',
        context: {pageType: 'checkout'}
var gsSDKScript = document.createElement('script');
gsSDKScript.src = 'https://sdk.gopersonal.ai/gs-sdk.js';
gsSDKScript.onload = initializeGSSDK;

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