Discover a range of E-commerce use cases focusing on broadcast strategies, including message delivery across various channels such as email, push notifications, SMS, and more.

  • Launching seasonal personalized message campaigns via email or push notifications.

  • Notifying special holiday operating hours via email or push notifications.

  • Send varied promotions tailored for different customer segments via channels like email or push notifications.

  • Deliver recommendation messages to customers showing signs of churn.

  • Send messages to customers who viewed products but did not make a purchase to re-engage them.

  • Send messages to customers who abandoned their cart to encourage them to complete their purchase.

  • Send a monthly email featuring popular or best-selling products.

  • Send an NPS survey message to gather feedback from customers about the brand.

  • Deliver a message with available products tailored to the loyalty level.

  • Notify customers via email about promotions or discounted products.

  • Send push notifications to notify exclusive discounts on in-app purchases.

  • Send discount codes via SMS.

  • Send a reminder for a live shopping event.

  • Deliver push notifications to notify users of new app updates available.

  • Reactivate churned customers through email, push notifications, or SMS.

  • Send messages to promote categories across multiple channels.

  • Send invitations to clients for a live shopping event.

  • Deliver an email featuring products similar to the ones previously viewed by the customer.

  • Send back in stock notifications for products that customers have saved in their favorites or viewed recently.

  • Send messages highlighting discounted products to customers who have interacted with those items.

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