APIs (App & other channels)

Personalization through APIs offers the flexibility to extend tailored experiences to various sales channels such as apps, conversational platforms, and other touchpoints. By leveraging APIs, you can seamlessly integrate personalized content and interactions, ensuring consistent and engaging experiences across diverse customer touchpoints.

Discover how to create a Personalization through API here.

  • Integrate recommendations across various channels such as mobile apps and conversational platforms to extend the customer experience.

  • Add personalized banners within the app based on user affinity.

  • Promote discounted products in the App for customers with a probability of churn.

  • Display exclusive categories only to customers who participated in live shopping events.

  • Display social proof on the product detail page (PDP) in the app by showcasing products with low stock or high views to create a sense of urgency.

  • Display recommended products in the app when a customer visits a physical store.

  • Display products available in the app based on loyalty level.

  • Display a pop-up with a discount coupon tailored to the audience on the app channel.

  • Display notifications or pop-ups on the app during specific periods and time slots.

  • New special categories for segments on the app's home screen.

  • Sort app categories by customer affinity.

  • Display in-app pop-ups with complementary products when a customer adds items to their cart to encourage upselling.

  • In-app message with App new updates.

  • In-app message for first-time app usage.

  • Add NPS or star feedback when the customer finishes the purchase.

  • Display a discount coupon on the App for the first purchase.

  • Display location-based promotions in the app tailored to customer segments.

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