Explore a diverse range of notification use cases tailored to enhance user engagement, retention, and conversion rates across various scenarios.

Discover how to create personalized Notifications here.

  • Display a notification with a discount coupon when a customer has a certain amount in their cart.

  • Show a free shipping notification for new customers or first-time purchases.

  • Display a notification with a countdown timer for the expected delivery time. For example, 'Order within the next X hours for same-day delivery.'

  • Utilize social proof to create scarcity, for example, showcasing 'last units available' of a product.

  • Display a notification with a discount coupon when a customer purchases a specific category to promote product catalog movement.

  • Display a notification to customers who returned after abandoning their cart, indicating that their cart is still available.

  • Present a notification on the mobile web indicating that the app is available for download.

  • Notification for signing up for the newsletter with a discount upon completion.

  • Create urgency by displaying a notification offering a discount on the next item if purchased within the next 2 hours.

  • Incorporate social proof by displaying the number of sales or views of a product to encourage purchases.

  • Notify the customer about the remaining amount needed to reach the next loyalty level.

  • Display 'Only X Left for Free Shipping' when a customer adds a product to their cart.

  • Notification with a countbar and discount coupon to generate urgency.

  • Country-specific notifications, such as shipping using different currencies and times.

  • Welcome notifications tailored to the referral page from which the user arrives.

  • Surprise coupon after a certain time or after adding items to the cart to motivate price shoppers.

  • Social proof with customer feedback on the product detail page.

  • Redirect customers to new categories/products by displaying notifications on the homepage.

  • Display a notification to visit best-selling or popular products.

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