Pop up

Explore a variety of scenarios showcasing the effectiveness of personalized pop-ups in enhancing user engagement, conversions, and overall user experience.

Discover how to create personalized Pop ups here.

  • Pop-up for product filtering by affinity. For example, color. 'Do you like red? Check out these products.

  • Pop-up showcasing complementary products when the customer adds an item to the cart.

  • Pop-up with a discount coupon for customers purchasing products from a specific category to promote product catalog movement.

  • Show Cold start Pop up with options to detect customer preferences and personalize the website.

  • Gift finder in a pop-up with questions about preferences, prices, etc.

  • Display Pop-up with a countbar indicating the end of a promotion to create urgency."

  • Pop-up with categories ordered by affinity, enhancing the browsing experience.

  • Display a pop-up to customers who return after abandoning their cart, indicating that their cart is still waiting for them.

  • Detect exit intent and display a pop-up with recommended products or promotions to encourage purchase.

  • Display a pop-up on mobile web to encourage customers to download the app.

  • Newsletter sign-up in a pop-up to enhance subscription rates.

  • Create urgency by displaying a pop-up with the next discount percentage if purchased within the next 30 minutes to motivate checkout.

  • When adding a product to the cart, display a pop-up indicating the amount needed to reach the next loyalty level.

  • Display a pop-up indicating that 'X' amount is needed for free shipping when a customer adds a product to the cart.

  • Remind returning visitors with a pop-up displaying the last product viewed, or similar products to the last viewed items.

  • Display a surprise coupon in a pop-up after a certain period of time or when the item is added to the cart.

  • Display a coupon with a scratch feature to generate gaming and engagement.

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