Web Content

Here, you can explore various user cases showcasing how adapting website content can significantly enhance user engagement and boost conversion rates.

Discover how to create personalized web content here.

  • Display promotional images tailored to each customer's affinity and preferences.

  • Display 'New In' videos tailored to each customer's affinity and preferences.

  • Floating cart available on all pages, providing direct checkout access for seamless and convenient shopping experiences.

  • Personalized banner based on customer's preferred category or color.

  • Countdown banner signaling end of promotion or urgency code, generating a sense of urgency.

  • Section featuring One-to-Many Live Shopping Event on the page.

  • Display products according to available loyalty points of the customer.

  • Banner displaying category based on customer affinity.

  • Display image or video promotion based on current weather conditions.

  • Integrate a new custom search engine into your site with Go Search.

  • Incorporate an AI-powered personal shopper to assist customers and create delightful experiences, enhancing engagement.

  • Add the option for customers to schedule one-to-one calls or participate in one-to-many live shopping events.

  • Display personalized banners for each country or city.

  • Incorporate gaming with a roulette wheel prompting customers to provide their email or phone number to receive discounts and gather customer data.

  • Gamify with casino-style slots to offer discounts or giveaway products, fostering engagement and moving inventory.

  • WhatsApp button with Contact Us triggering the Whatsapp App.

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